Ep 1.  Bottom of the Rabbit Hole

After getting fired for coming out as trans at work, the life that Sü has so carefully planned spins out of control and she winds up crashing at Chris's condemned apartment. There she meets a host of interesting characters including, Antonia, her landlord, who is obviously up to something illegal, Zoey, a teen-aged neighbor who has no sense of boundaries and Sandra, the homicide detective living next door. Sü must decide whether or not she should stay out of the closet.

Ep 2.  Funemployment

Zoey shadows Chris hoping to uncover zer secret occupation as ze tries to cover up zer profession, and puts up with Antonia's attempts to connect over transphobic commentary. Sü finds out she's even more broke than she anticipated, and whilst trying to secure a bank loan, finds a date instead with Russell, the charming bank manager.

Ep 3.  Don't Give an F

Zoey deals with bullying at school and tricks Chris into posing as her legal guardian on parent-teacher day so she can exact her revenge. Barbara, who was fixated on "the Chris problem," eventually finds out. Meanwhile, Nate realizes that his text-message dominatrix is in the office, and Sü realizes that her text-message client is her boss. She fobs him off on Phil, who plays along.

Ep 4.  Doomball

Trying to break Zoey out of her shell, Sü convinces her to join Doomball - a contact sport with a frighteningly high casualty rate. While on the hunt for a target, Chris and Antonia elbow in on the Doomball experience, but for the opposing team. Chris meets a new flame, and Antonia confronts her transphobia.

Ep 5.  Date Night

Sensing underlying problems in her relationship, Sü tries to compensate by getting her friends to go out on dates. She arranges a double date - her and Russell, with Chris and this curious "Isabelle." Antonia realizes that she's no longer comfortable with her lesbian-grapevine reputation as a good lay, and Zoey tries to date online - but Barbara would rather she didn't date at all.

Ep 6.  Assess This!

Sü and Phil both go through medical assessment for surgery - but the gatekeeper is rigorously gender-normative and Russell is anything but supportive. Zoey and Barbara clash over Barbara's fear of losing custody versus Zoey's desire to transition. Toni finally comes out as transitioning to male, and Chris learns to relate to another human being.