The Switch

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Starring :

Jem Garrard

Amy Fox


6 x 30 min

Aired, TVOD


  • Nyla Rose
  • Lyndsay Coryne
  • Amy Fox
  • Vincent Viezzer
  • Chance Kingsmyth
  • Kent S Leung
  • Andrea Menard

Sü fled Trump’s America to start her life over again in Canada, changing careers,  countries — and genders! The first two changes go swimmingly. The third leaves her unemployed and crashing with her ex, a dumpster-diving eco-asasin.  Thrown into sketchy employment, “alternative” community, and a new identity, can Sü claw her way back to her old life? Or, to her horor, will she adapt and thrive?

The Switch is the world's first transgender sitcom, and is available to rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Vimeo on Demand.