Amy Fox

Amy's the main go-to person at Trembling Void. She writes, produces, plays the role of "Chris," does design and generally runs the business. Occasionally she sleeps, we're told.

Whether it's working with molten metal, kicking ass in the Simon Fraser Student Society's hotly contested withdrawal from the CFS, running for City Council as a Supervillain, doing Queer improv with The Bobbers, or organizing feminist guerilla art-ivism, she seeks ways to cause trouble.

To her surprise, transition brought a strong interest in power tools, dashing suits and binding. "Being soft butch and MtF was bold at the time" she says. "Now there's like a half-dozen of us in the city, there's a Tumblr feed, and I don't feel so special. Still, it screws with people, which makes me happy".

Jai McCubbin

What is The Jai?

Most guesses are just that - wildly inaccurate flights of fantasy about a quasi-mythical creature.

A long-hidden species of sloth, its only goal the eradication of radishes from the globe? A dim shape that has transcended this world but appears in old photographs? Or nothing but a GSWS Major, from Simon Fraser University whose goal is to help people while being the most overqualified barista on the planet?

What is known is this: the Jai lives on the internet, and speaks frequently in meme. Due also to the internet, they take great joy in stupid drawings, sloths, and pugs.

Modern scientists may never truly know whether or not the Jai is anything more than a myth.

The only thing we know for sure is that wild theories will continue to propagate.

Vanessa Tara

Vanessa Tara has lived in Vancouver for close to twenty years. Although, she makes her career in librarianship, she is also a writer and blogger, posting regularly on her transition-related blog La Dolce Vanessa.

As DJ V, Vanessa can be heard every other week hosting Shake a Tail Feather, a 60s soul music program, on CITR 101.9 FM.She can also, occasionally, be found swing dancing, tending herbs and vegetables in her garden or spouting a torrent of pop cultural trivia at a coffeehouse near you.

Ryan Elias

Ryan was born on a farm a little ways outside a town you've never heard of in northern BC, and then some other stuff happened and now he lives in Vancouver and works for UBC and sometimes writes things for the papers or an awesome little news site called The Tyee. His academic interests include medieval Chinese fox stories and the adjudication of scholarly expertise in the American political press. He likes to think of The Switch as a sneaky way to get people to think about trans issues without being afraid of them.

Susan Chiv

Susan Chiv is a social justice anti-oppression advocate and activist in Vancouver BC, on unceded Coast Salish territories. She has a particular interest in the intersections of sexuality, gender, and race, and has a penchant for mental health destigmatization, sex-positivity, and radical body politics. She apparently has difficulty prioritizing and narrowing her interests.

Susan studied Psychology and Gender Studies at SFU and hopes to eventually use her interests and skills to work towards a more inclusive, accessible and egalitarian model of community/individual health. In the meantime, she will continue her long-running, torrid love affairs with nerdery, Les Misérables, pugs, and hats.

Shevon Singh

Born and raised in Kitimat, BC, Shevon spent the majority of her youth holed up in her bedroom fleeing the relentless torments of her siblings and writing horror stories by candlelight (although, reportedly, electricity was widely available at the time.)  And so, Shevon wrote and wrote and emerged only to meet basic life necessities: food, water, and - after a local petition - a shower. 

Then, on a rare excursion wherein she attended Langara College Film Arts, Shevon met fellow film student, Amy Fox, who shared her idea for a web sitcom that was simply too crazy and far-fetched to resist.

Now, Shevon regularly abandons the confines of her room to collaborate with Amy and the other bizarre minds behind “The Switch.” She also secretly plans to trip the circuit breaker in the near future so that they can all bask in the soft, melodramatic glow of candlelight. Sigh.